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General information
Guangdong is one of the southern provinces of China, with a population of 100 million people. Compared to the other CORIGAP countries, its population is next to Indonesia.

Guangdong’s total rice area is 2 million hectares, which produces 40% of the province’s rice needs. More than 90% of the food produced in the province is from rice, but the average rice yields is among the lowest in the country, which is about 15% lower than the national average.

Project sites
Four CORIGAP sites were selected in Guangdong Province: Yangxi, Gaoyao, Renhua, and Meizhou counties.

Key scientists and players

Key scientists: Xuhua Zhong (crop physiologist)  and Ruben Lampayan (water management scientist)

Key players:

        Nongrong Huang, agronomist

         Jun Feng Pan, crop physiology, water management

         Kar Tian, nutrient management

         Kaiming Liang, extension

         Yanzhua Liu,

         Kar Tian


Agricultural Bureaus of Gaoyao and Renhua counties; Extension office Lianjiang and Jiangmen Counties; Beijing Institute of Technology

Activities in China

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