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1 Must Do, 5 Reductions

In Vietnam, the best practice package of 1 Must Do, 5 Reductions developed during the IRRC Phase IV was promoted by the Agricultural Competitiveness Project (ACP) of the World Bank. The ACP was extended to the Mekong Delta in November 2012 and rolled out in 2013. In 2013, data collected from just eight provinces in the Mekong Delta indicated that 34,500 farmers participated in training and an estimated 240,000 farmers were implementing 1 Must Do, 5 Reductions over 300,000 hectares. The economic model had estimated 425,000 hectares for adoption nationally by 2016, for a benefit of US$27 million for the period 2013-16. These estimates are not for mean impact per farmer reached and were very conservative at 5% input cost reduction. Given that 70% of the projected area had adopted the technologies already in 2013, and a 10% input cost reduction is assumed, then on average the 240,000 Vietnamese farmers would benefit by $160 each per crop or $128/hectare. This is conservative because no yield increase is assumed; recent data indicate mean yield increases for different farmer groups of 3−10%.