Helene Animatou Ba

Hélène A. Ba earned her PhD degree in the 
University of Paris-Est Créteil.  She conducted her PhD research as a CORIGAP scholar during 2014–2019 under the supervision of Dr Matty Demont (Shaping Future Rice Value Chains and Policies Outcome Theme Leader, IRRI) and Prof. Sylvie Thoron (Economics Professor, University of Paris-Est Créteil). 

Her dissertation entitled “Contribution of contract farming to sustainable rice value chain upgrading in Mekong River Delta in Vietnam” significantly contributes to the understanding of contract farming and how it can be deployed as an inclusive mechanism for increasing sustainability of rice value chains. 

Through a series of surveys and choice experiments with exporters and rice farmers, her PhD has generated unique insights into the contract farming models that rice export companies have developed and the contract attributes that both farmers and exporters prefer. This information is currently being used in CORIGAP and VnSAT  projects to design “sustainable contracts” that can successfully internalize sustainable production standards into rice value chains in the Mekong Delta. A first publication on her research is forthcoming in the journal Land Use Policy.