Ma. Renee P. Lorica

Renee earned her PhD Agriculture, Health & Environment at the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. She was supported by the Lee Foundation Rice Scholarship and CORIGAP. She was supervised by Grant Singleton (IRRI / NRI, U Greenwich) and Steven Belmain (NRI, U Greenwich). Alex Stuart (IRRI) also guided her research. 

 For her dissertation, she investigated the effect of the water-saving technology Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) on the population dynamics, habitat use, and levels of damage inflicted by rodent pests on lowland irrigated rice.  Findings indicate that AWD had no effect on breeding, trappability, movement and propensity to inflict damage by rats. Renee's research provides evidence that farmers have no cause to reject AWD based on concerns that it will exacerbate crop losses by rodents. Rodent pest management based on the particular species and site (ecologically-based rodent management or EBRM) can address losses caused by this pest.

She was under the supervision of Steven Belmain (NRI, Greenwich) and Grant Singleton (IRRI).  CORIGAP Scientist Alex Stuart also provides expert advice.