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Ecologically based pest management

Among the major constraints for farmers to achieve higher yields 
rice are pests and diseases. IRRI is uniquely positioned as an agricultural research institute in Asia because there are experts on the ecology and management of insects, weeds, diseases, rodents, snails, and birds. 

A common thread for all the IRRI pest and disease scientists is the promotion of ecologically based management. These scientists provide an important research input to CORIGAP through collaboration with partner scientists in each of the six countries. Importantly, there is research in progress that examines the interactions between some of these groups of pests in intensive lowland rice-based production landscapes.

Key scientists: 

Insects:    Buyung Hadi     ( 

Weeds:   David Johnson   (
                 Joel Janiya   (

Rodents:  Grant Singleton (
                   Alexander Stuart  ( 

Diseases:   Nancy Castilla   (
Snails:        Alexander Stuart (
Birds:         Richard Smedley- PhD student (

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