Phase 1

The first phase (2012-2016) aims to sustainably increase rice yields in three major granaries by conducting the following activities:

  1. Assess needs and constraints among farmers and other stakeholders along the value chain and to develop schemes to monitor and evaluate improved rice systems of the IRRC technologies.

  2. Develop a computational framework (field calculator) for ex ante assessment of integrated, high-yielding, and profitable rice production systems with minimum environmental footprint.

  3. Use adaptive research in farmers’ fields to develop an iterative process among farmers, extension agents, and relevant rice value-chain partners for testing new cropping systems and technologies.

  4. Develop novel mechanisms for outreach and scaling out, including farmer participatory videos, business model development, and strengthened market integration of farmers.

  5. Build the capacity of partners in national agricultural research and extension systems and other stakeholders in the use of the developed tools and methodologies, and in improved crop management technologies.