General Information

Rice is one of the most important food crops in Indonesia. The country’s 13.2 million hectares rice plantation represents 24% of the total agricultural area. With this, Indonesia is considered as the world’s third largest rice producer and the biggest rice consumers.

CORIGAP activities are currently being conducted in North Sumatra, South Sumatra, W. Java and Yogyakarta with the respective Assessment Institutes for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) as the lead agencies in each province.


  • Demonstration and trials of best management practices (ICM) under Special Effort Program

  • Technology dissemination of best management practices (Nutrient management, crop establishment, pest management, laser -assisted land leveling, postharvest, learning alliance, ecologically-based rodent management)

  • Capacity building and outreach

Key scientists and partners

The CORIGAP-Indonesia activities are implemented through the Indonesian Center for Food Crops Research and Development managed by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development. Scientists from the Indonesian Center for Rice Research are also involved in field research activities.

Key scientists

Nuning Agosubekti, Melanie Connor, Rica Joy Flor