Thailand is a major rice-exporting country. However, the increase in rice production in Thailand in recent years was largely due to the expansion of cultivated area, while land productivity remained relatively stable and low.

Project sites

Activities in Thailand are implemented in the Nakhon Sawan in the Central Plains region because (1) rice farmers maintain continuous rice farming through water provided from an irrigation system, and (2) the cropping pattern could negatively affect the environment and rice farm ecology if farmers do not follow suitable practices. Pilot sites were established because where two active rice community centers (CRC) in Thaclee District (Ban Nong Jik Ree and the other at Ban Sapan Song) are located.

Key scientists and partners

Key scientists:

Duangporn Vithoonjit, Melanie Connor, Rica Joy Flor, Nguyen Van Hung

  • Rice Department

  • Bureau of Rice Product Development, Mrs. Sukanya Kogngeon

  • Bureau of Rice Seed, Ms. Vilairat Detphitayanan

  • Bureau of Rice Research, Ms. Sirima Pansiri

  • Bureau of Rice Product Promotion and Extension, Mrs. Julmanee Pitoonchareanlap

  • Mrs. Pornsiri Senagalp

  • Dr. Rasamee Dhitikiattipong

  • Chainat Rice Research Center, Mrs. Duangporn Vitoonjit

  • Land and Development Department, Ms. Nisa Meesang

  • Extension Department - Nakhon Sawan, Mr. Suwit Peugjeen

  • Nakhon Sawan Rice Seed Center

Activities in Thailand