Vietnam is considered as one of the major rice exporters in the world. The Mekong Delta region, also known as Vietnam’s rice granary, produces more than half of the country’s total rice yield. In 2013, the Mekong Delta produced 25 million tons of rice. Click here to read about the CORIGAP project activities in Vietnam.

Project sites

The CORIGAP project will continue on extending the best management practices and documenting the impact for rice (1 Must Do, 5 Reductions; Rice VietGap) in the country in Can Tho and Long An provinces, and working with national partners on a new initiative of "Small Farmer, Large Areas" (SFLF). This program is designed to reduce yield gaps, increase efficiency in rice production, and have smallholder farmers more closely aligned to traders and millers.

Key scientists

Pham T. M. Hieu, Melanie Connor, Matty Demont, Rica Joy Flor, Nguyen Van Hung