Learning alliance

Learning Alliance (LA) is a multistakeholder platform that aims to bring relevant stakeholders together to try, share, and learn good practices. It is also an approach for innovative collaboration, social learning, and resource sharing among project partners and relevant rice value-chain partners.

The LA method in CORIGAP uses an interactive, iterative, and participatory process among farmers, scientists, extension agents, and other stakeholders to field-test, refine, and adapt integrated rice production systems. LA topic-working groups on postharvest and market linkages are formed to identify suitable entry points for technologies and project strategies.

The learning alliance was crucial in scaling out postharvest technologies during the implementation of initiatives of the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium, and now with CORIGAP. To learn more about LA, visit the Postharvest LA Web site at http://postharvestla.irri.org/

Lead scientists:

Martin Gummert (m.gummert@irri.org)

Reianne Quilloy (r.quilloy@irri.org)