Journal articles


An update of the Worldwide Integrated Assessment (WIA) on systemic pesticides. Part 4: Alternatives in major cropping systems

Assessing alternative crop establishment methods with a sustainability lens in rice production systems of Eastern India

How do stakeholder interactions in Cambodian rice farming villages contribute to a pesticide lock-in?

When climate change is not psychologically distant – Factors influencing the acceptance of sustainable farming practices in the Mekong river Delta of Vietnam

Rodent damage to rice crops is not affected by the water-saving technique, alternate wetting and drying.

Reduction of fertilizer use in South China-Impacts and implications on smallholder rice farmers.

Role of farmer knowledge in agroecosystem science: rice farming and amphibians in the Philippines.

Why Technologies Often Fail to Scale: Policy and Market Failures behind Limited Scaling of Alternate Wetting and Drying in Rice in Bangladesh.

Characterization of cropping practices, pest constraints, and yield variation in irrigated lowland rice of Cambodia

Tailor-made solutions to tackle rodent pests of rice through community-based management approaches in Cambodia

Weed management practices of smallholder rice farmers in Northwest Cambodia

Yield Gap Management under Seawater Intrusion Areas of Indonesia to Improve Rice Productivity and Resilience to Climate Change