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Latest video:

Spearheading sustainable innovations in rice-based systems: #CORIGAP Milestones as of March 2018

This video highlights the milestones of the project Closing Rice Yield Gap in Asia with Reduced Environmental Footprint (CORIGAP) as of March 2018. Funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, CORIGAP uses a multi-disciplinary research for development approach in order to improve food security and gender equity, and alleviate poverty through optimizing productivity and environmental sustainability of irrigated rice production systems. The project will end in December 2020.

Ecologically based rodent management, Myanmar version in Burmese

This video, dubbed in Burmese, is produced by the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium and the Closing rice yield gaps in Asia with reduced environmental footprints project. It features the impacts of rodents on people and rice crops, particularly Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. The concept of ecologically based rodent management (EBRM) is explained, and effective community actions to control rice field rats are suggested.

Participatory Varietal Selection of Rice in Myanmar, in English

This video showcases the PVS steps as done by farmers in Labutta Township, Myanmar. Some farmers share their experiences and benefits gained from joining the PVS trials. The video also features the top four selected varieties in the three townships involved in the project in the 2012 and 2013 wet seasons, and the 2012-13 dry season.

Farmers tell their stories: Laser leveling of rice fields in Southeast Asia

This video explains the concept of laser leveling and its benefits, as shared by Vietnamese farmers who have tried and adopted laser leveling in their rice fields. The video also shows the current efforts of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI; ) in working with national partners and donors (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation - - and Asian Development Bank - ) to promote the technology in Cambodia.