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Engr. Martin Gummert

CORIGAP Coordinator (2020-2022)

“The CORIGAP scientists have overachieved the project targets. Being part of the CORIGAP, IRRI, and national teams was the highlight of my career as a rice scientist.”

Engr. Martin Gummert first joined the project through the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium (IRRC) as coordinator of the Postharvest Work Group. Here, he was able to collaborate with national partners from Southeast Asia where they developed and adapted technologies and best practice management options for post-harvest loss reduction like simple dryers, hermetic storage systems, and guidelines for improved milling. They also piloted laser-assisted land leveling for better seedbed preparation and reducing the water consumption of rice production.

Dr. Grant Singleton

CORIGAP Coordinator (2012-2019)

“The past 10 years were an amazing journey with many cross-country friendships developed and young emerging scientists formally trained via Ph.D. and MSc programmes that will provide a legacy well beyond the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) investment. And most importantly, smallholder farmers benefited greatly from the efforts of all involved in CORIGAP!”

Dr. Grant Singleton shares that it was the support of the people– IRRI experts, support staff, Ph.D. students, and farmers– that served as the foundation of CORIGAP’s success. The program was highly inclusive as farmers are encouraged to participate in field tests and results evaluation. “Cross-country learning, through rotation of annual meetings and a wide array of training opportunities across an impressive range of disciplines, played a key role in strengthening the adoption and ownership by national partners of the CORIGAP mission.”


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CORIGAP's success was driven by the support and partnership of its donors and collaborators from the public and private sectors. See the full list of  CORIGAP donors and partners here

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