This page contains the knowledge products and change stories told by our CORIGAP research partners.

CORIGAP–PRO: Closing rice yield gaps in Asia with reduced environmental footprint (Phase 2)

We continue to work closely with national partners of six countries to strengthen national or regional programs on “best management practices” for rice.

Success stories

3CT and AWD: Spreading the good news in China

To help farmers increase rice productivity, a technology package was introduced to help overcome the challenges of rice farming.

Helping Indonesia keep its rice bowl full

Efforts to increase national production have led the government of Indonesia to craft a long-term strategy for rice self-sufficiency.

Integrated crop management: A revolutionary approach to increase rice production in Indonesia

The Indonesian government sought to find strategies to improve on the rice yield gap and the degradation of agricultural lands.

Rice—The pulse of life in Myanmar

The country’s economic growth hinges on the development of its agricultural sector, particularly the rice sector.

An article that highlights the importance of rice consumers to address the urgent need to restructure the sector towards sustainable cultivation.